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Welcome to the OFPC!


My name is Paul George and I am the founder of OFPC. Welcome, and now that you have found us Online, I'd like to take the opportunity and tell you why I felt compelled to start this organization.


During the course of any given year I am immersed in a variety of weighty humanitarian efforts aimed at making the world in which we live, work in, and pursue our hopes and dreams in, as well as this amazing world I raise my family in, a  far better place than it actually is today. I believe so strongly in "the good-life," so much so, that I am personally vested and dedicated to staying motivated in doing all that I can do to influence my tiny sphere and make as positive of an impact as I find humanly possible.


I created / uploaded this site Online - to bring awareness to the cause, and to facilitate

a practical method which enables me to connect with other Canadians that I believe hold and cherish values, similar to the values, I champion every day.


I was once amused at the speculations and spoofs the media often published about the "Identity" of Canadians. It used to be "toques", "hockey sticks", "Tim Horton's coffee" and "Canadian beer" which first populated the mind's landscape when the term "Canadian" ever came up.


Followed closely by the terms "hosers" and the expression "eh", with some silly jokes about folks who were at once both naive and yet also the salt of the earth. Your average Canadian when asked "what does it mean to be a Canadian", used to just shrug, and sometimes they'd tell you that "Cubans, when we are on vacation, love us". Good people, nationally, and pretty much globally known, for our kindness and hospitality --  and even our endearing gullibility.


We were comfortable once, just being uncomplicated folks enjoying the pursuit of the good life, and a great cup of coffee!


Canada was once the jewel for migration. It seemed like Everyone wanted to come here and be Canadian. Much like the glory days of our Southern Neighbors known for their pursuit of the "American Dream" with Lady Liberty standing in the harbor greeting weary, anxious, sea sick asylum seekers with her plea; "Give Us Your Tired and Your Poor! I think of her beautiful face, standing gloriously with her torch held high promising; Life, Liberty, as well as he Pursuit Of happiness, For All!


Similarly, our Canadian Maple Leaf -- glistening proudly in the wind, backed, on a field of pristine white, signaled hope. Our  flag signaled a new beginning for all those who might come to this nation seeking refuge also. My own family, had done so, fleeing despotism in Belgium and religious persecutions, coming from over-seas back in the mid-1800's when my ancestors planted their first homestead in South-Eastern Saskatchewan.


Canada's vivid blood-red Maple leaf, let's everyone know that the blood of Jesus Christ, proclaims to all the world that "God Keeps Our Land, Glorious And Free!" "Inspiring", and "Commanding True Patriot Love In All Our Sons".  Many were the losses and high was the cost paid by the families who lost their sons thinking it a noble and worthwhile sacrifice to give up their lives in defense of  our own Constitution and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms on bloody fields of battle!  God forever bless our service men and women and our veteran heroes. God Forever Bless Our Nation!


These days however, I am no longer amused. Not at all. The honor and value of being a Canadian is in imminent danger of being destroyed by rabid Left-wingedness-Libertarianism dogma of the highest order.  It is being done so in the name of political correctness and some grotesque juxtapositions of globalist agendas with policies obscured by some form of pseudo-cultural integration scheme plotting to wrest political high ground in a new war-like power struggle between "conservative" and "liberal" ideologies.  Politicians and campaigners touting various interest groups with thinly veiled socialist manifestos abound and threaten to influence our freedoms and vault their globalist agendas into the mainstream media and social channels in the hopes of winning by force the info wars. The problem is, people are getting hurt.


precisely what it means to be a Canadian, and hence our identity as Canadians and how that relates to the ways in which that identity expresses itself  all the way down to our Civic sense and persuasion is clearly under attack.


What The OFPC Stands For


Obviously OFPC is the acronym for Organization For Positive Change, and that is precisely why I worked up the idea and the acronym many years ago.


I recall now, it was just a decade after the tragedy at the World Trade Center back on September 11th of 2001.  Back then I was pastoring a small independent church that I had personally planted and remember until today of course, where I was when it happened and how helpless and torn up I felt  at the time.  I grieved deeply and terribly for those who were lost and their survivors, family and friends. I personally  changed somehow that day and decided then that I would reinvigorate my choice to make a difference, I'd pondered over the actual "organization" aspect of it a thousand times.  I'd wondered what I could call it and eventually decided "OFPC" would make a good and proper name for what I wanted to accomplish. I resolved to fortify the decision that I wanted to make positive changes in the world around me by giving it life...    ... a name, so the Organization For Positive Change was born.


Over the years I repeatedly decided I never wanted to be the same again, never to live life in the margins, and I could make those changes if I tried hard enough, and I WOULD make those changes, beginning with myself.


There are many other occurrences all over the world just as tragic, just as painful, that have happened, but since "9/11" I hurt, it seems, more deeply and more profoundly then ever before. And based on my moral conviction I chose this as the kernel that sprouted into my own call to action. If this makes sense to no-one else on earth, that is okay, because it works for me.


I am not claiming that we as individuals, have all the answers, surely we don't, but I can easily recognize error when I see it. And I have learned that if I commit to trying, and do so prayerfully, and purposefully, I can usually find some way in which to be a help.  I believe deeply we can organize and work to make positive changes.


This is why I am dedicated to a steady schedule of speaking engagements and participating in ministry events as well as my work in the ministry of praise and worship with my wife, and why we have given ourselves to steady and demanding stream of commitments as well as our participation in the community and events that sometimes seem impossible to keep.


It is my hope that I can be used in some small way in every community event I volunteer for throughout the year. In this, I find the courage to embrace Christ's call to Ambassadorship given in 2 Corinthians 5:20.  Oh yes!  That's right I proudly and UNASHAMEDLY,  proclaim my faith!  I am a Christian! I am NOT at all religious, but I cherish a deep, abiding and intimate relationship with Jesus, who I have invited to come in to my heart and be my Lord and Saviour.


In addition to my work as a clergyman, I am becoming more and more active in politics. Do I seek an office? Absolutely NOT!  Is OFPC partisan in it's activities?  Definitely so, if valuing a conservative mindset in all aspects of life and living, practicing modesty, moderation in all things, and believing in God and the voracity of His Word is being partisan, and perhaps it is.


Back when I'd coined the term "OFPC", I wanted to get myself organized so I could be successful at this. I wanted it to work and ultimately penned a Statement of Philosophy for my humble organization. I've made a few grammatical edits over the years, but essentially what follows is the original document I'd penned back on the 7th of January, 2011.



The Philosophy of The OFPC


The OFPC is an independent not for profit organization, which, hopefully envelopes all
individuals and their families as a whole. All are welcome, all are wanted!


OFPC is dedicated to identifying our current individual targets and target groups. We choose - and plan
with a purpose - our endeavors, aimed at success in making, effecting, long-term and lasting, positive changes in people. Positive change that creates/fosters: peace, unity and growth in populace, culture, advantage and economic stability amongst all within, but not limited to, our nation of Canada.


Finding and maintaining a marked, “social-pace”, we will expect to evolve, while keeping focused and active
to the extent reflected by our available resources, into a powerful agent of change.


We are committed to the exploration of ways to relieve various disadvantages, wherever there is an identifiable
need and, to the labor of removing of any obstacles preventing the improving of the quality of life for targets recognized in keeping with our groups vision an purpose.


We are also committed to building partnerships with existing organizations which reflect our values for the
establishing of a network of support resources and support groups, some examples might be: counseling
centers, other social projects and/or mentor-ship programs.


We make every effort at all times to find active roles to promote wherever and whenever possible positive and sensible social reform. As we grow, we expect to gain an effective sphere of influence in the humanitarian sector aided chiefly by philanthropic sectors. To the end that, we become capable of developing and delivering
a plethora of sound, long-term professional programs, with the utmost integrity.


Programs revolving around, but not limited to, issues addressing religion, politics, education, soft-life-skills,
basic-life-skills, culture, sports and leisure activities. We intend to work until we accomplish the lowering of
crime, mortality and morbidity rates within the communities and within the regions of our various localities.


By working in our communities and giving due respect to peoples of all cultural diversities and sensitivities,
we believe it is possible to break down the racial barriers and their associated tensions. High-risk peoples of all nationalities need human services to meet them directly at their level of need and aid in the development and
delivery of these: career, social economic, educational and service programs. Bettering people, knowing that
people can make the world a better place.


And so, it is with these thoughts in mind that we continue to strive allowing ourselves to be stretched to and sometimes beyond the boundaries of our limits within the human services sector, to gain the valuable insights
needed to effectively serve in …




Present Day


They are trying to legalize illegal drug use, which will poison our kids. It is legal to kill an unborn child today, simply because they have named it a fetus. Men can marry other men, women can marry other women.  Pedophilia is on the rise and the flesh trade prospers. Euthanasia is gaining ground at an alarming rate, more than a foothold. There is still poverty in the world, people still die of hunger and the mainstream-media-at large is on the crooked politician's pay-roll. Wow!  We have a lot to deal with in our Nation, in the day and age we face, we have our work cut out for us.


Wicked agendas abound. The smokescreen of tensions and violence between the "Right" and the "Left" seek only their own. BLM?  Imagine the idiocy, of COURSE black lives matter! So do brown lives, Asian lives, white lives, ad infinitum. Anyone can see that.  And ANTIFA?  Using FASCIST tactics to claim you are anti fascist? Just who do you think you are kidding? All the distractions to keep  us busy while we become too overwhelmed to take on the real fight that lies right in front of us. The challenge to be your own voice in the town you live in. Make a difference where you are. Get out, vote. Talk to people, learn, teach and share with others what you learn. VOTE! Make a difference!


Today the confusion of gender, the disdain for the family unit, the swelling influx of foreign ideologies that scream equality for their culture, and seek to apply their pressure upon us. They are demanding change in our precious nation, and changes to our unique identity, radical changes, to force Canadians to adopt their culture in place of our own and their laws, those laws that caused them to flee their own nations to come to Canada in the first place -- laws that plunged their former nations into moral and economic bankruptcy.


So under the guise of ethnic integration a concerted effort is at work eroding our national identity that will only serve to thin the blood of this nation and eventually leave us in worse shape than the many already hostile and ruined European nations that immigrants ironically fled to come to Canada.


A new and a loud voice is peculating within our land and it can be heard trying to woo those who suffer such political ambitions as to seek to oblige for vote and favor among the guilt ridden, spineless masses who refuse to recognize that our nation, if not defended, will instead of retaining it's uniqueness, will simply become more like the war-torn, and disintegrating third world or other foreign nations that these very refugees are fleeing. For what? A few votes? A paltry effort to remain in control for one more political term?


Just so many moving parts are on our plates today. I am totally in favor of gaining new immigrants for neighbors. I love the many precious and dear friends I have among the various ethnicities I am blessed to know today.  Many are like family. The difference between those folks and the issues that plague our nation via illegal immigration and en-mass, violation by the non-vetted influx on our borders? Simple. Those who paid the price and immigrated legally left to come here to find relief from persecution, and some left their nation's regimes to escape despotism, many sought asylum and were granted that through legal channels but they did NOT come to change this country!  They came to integrate! These individuals aspire to  acquire the Canadian distinction, to BE CANADIAN, and all that that means and gives them in a NEW LIFE, not in dragging along the foreign baggage that already wasn't working. To add their flavor from their culture, NOT to re-culture the flavor of our nation! They rather came gratefully to a nation that offered hope for what it presently was!  The advantage and opportunity to be a part of the Canadian culture.


They came to find a new and better way of life. Period. Just look at the many nations around the world being destroyed by illegal immigration today. It is pitiful that our political proponents exploit this issue as a means to secure political power at any cost to Canadians. It is true what they say, when they say "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"!  And believe me, that is precisely what lies at the heart of this issue. The Pursuit Of Absolute Power. Fortunately, you and I can do something about this.


Many of the immigrants whom I personally know, have adopted our Canadian identity and culture. They do not seek to change this nation, nor do they expect Canada to adapt it's culture to their's, but rather, while respectfully remembering, celebrating, and cherishing the best of their own cultures and traditions, those who seek to adapt their culture to the Canadian way of life --  enrich this nation. This is a vital aspect. Never forget that.


Hey, Yeah, Why Don't We...


"Let's go to Canada! We can bring our poverty with us and live off welfare!  We won't have to miss the broader ideas that have only served to destroy our own nation, we can just make Canada more like our own nation! And we can live in homes paid for by these Canadian tax-payers while we do so!  Canadians must not have a strong enough identity worth fighting for, they are all living on white-guilt, we can easily go there, live free, and change them!"


The cherished morals and values we hold are being threatened by a new pressure to adopt some new and foreign customs put on us by a few with agendas aimed at directly eroding, then, ultimately birthing, the demise of all we hold dear as Canadians. That's where I believe the social unrest in the West is going. If we allow that to happen!  But, we CANNOT let that happen!!


Among immigrant families and folks I know personally, they are some of the HARDEST working people I have ever encountered, yes! The amazing work ethic I have encountered often has caused me to value having migrant workers on the task more than most of the self indulgent, entitled spoiled millenials it has been my experience to see on the job.


But having said this, THERE IS A FACTION! It is unfortunate, but true that there IS a faction, that has come to destroy.  It is undeniable and there are a great many aiming to do the damage.  A LOT of "users" taking advantage of your's, and my, "good Canadian nature", have sought out a life within our nation coming to our county with no other plan than to use, usurp, and otherwise "meddle" for lack of a better term, with our most precious convictions, traditions and values.


I for one, am learning, a little more every single day, just how I can help to revive and restore, for my part, that truest identity of WE STRONG AND FREE!  I am also learning how to encourage others to find their voices and to get busy standing up for what is true and right.


LET'S HAVE THESE DISCUSSIONS! Let's have many more just like them!   Among many of the difficult "hot topics" that are key issues on the minds of many, many, many concerned Canadians today. Don't shy away from it. Learn to speak your mind. Get out, meet people and talk to them. Talk to people with different beliefs, make it a great conversation. Don't fight, agree to disagree. Of course I like to say that's not enough, so rather agree to disagree...  AGREEABLY!!!


Ready To Jump In?


There will be a continued stream of added resources presented throughout this website. In an effort to efficiently and effectively break it down for you so that we can get you started off properly, we would like to recommend you jump right into the heart of the many discussions Canadians need to have. Many of us haven't had ANY of these discussions before, so not only do we need to learn them, we need to get practiced, brushing up, as it were, on our communication skills.  We want to steer you right to the point of what we, at the Organization for Positive Change, are hoping to see happen..   To get started - CLICK HERE









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