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Making positive change is what we are all about. So who decides whether change is positive or negative anyway?  Well, of course, you do!  I do!  We ALL do!  And, given history, the march of time, for decades, centuries, millennium, we have seen that until this very day, and know that still tomorrow and beyond, this is an ever-evolving dynamic event that forever has, and forever will - remain subject to the trends and the very ebb and flow of civilization.


The measuring stick we use here will change from person to person. I am well aware of that fact, but despite our many differences, I still choose to believe when truth is brought out, we will all basically agree.


I am referring to the "common" part of "common-sense" here.  When it comes right down to it, I know it's accurate to say that every single person on earth can recognize "truths" when they see them. I know that I do not myself, personally know every single person on earth, but despite this,  I've always said that "Truth owns it's own inherent validity."  I've said this because I sincerely believe that life's experience has taught me that truth, is self-validating, in and of itself. By this, I know that when I see truth, though I may not like or agree with what I see, but I earnestly concede to those things because they are the truth.  Yes, this is my assumption, yes, and it is simply an assumption but one I'm willing personally to subscribe to as a direct result of my own personal experiences.  That and faith. (your probably thinking right now, faith? Now how does faith play into this? Please let me explain.


I can clearly see, in the BIBLE, that "original sin" to supports my point.  Believe it or not, this is biiblical. Genesis backs up this precept.  In Genesis, we see mankind is infused with the "Knowledge" of Good & Evil! when Eve eats the forbidden fruit.  God called it just that. (Read Gen. 2:9) The tree from which Eve picked the fruit from was called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Christians till this day labor to proliferate the Good News, or "The Gospel" which is directly relevant to the fall of man.


Not to stray too far off topic here, because a large treatise on religion is not my goal, but I simply want to point out that Christian ministry -- to this day -- is to let all the world know that Jesus saves lives! Saves them from what?  Separation from God. To give mankind a message of Salvation that, by repentance and faith in Jesus Messiah, the substitutionary sacrificial Lamb who was slain on the cross to take my place. The old curse that separated us from the Father which in consuming that fruit has brought spiritual death to everyone who has ever been born.  We see both the woman and her husband consumed this fruit off the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. (Read Gen. 3:6)  We also know Man was expelled from the Garden of Eden (Read Gen. 3:24) so they would be prevented from consuming the fruit from the Tree of Life, and live for eternity in this poisoned corrupted state.


What this really means is, if you think about it, since we all share "Knowledge" of "Good" and "Evil" and you and I both know the difference between right and wrong, then when it comes to the right things in life, we should all share a common understanding.


The problem each of us has had, throughout time immemorial, is in reconciling this "Consciousness of Right & Wrong," and loving each other to get along despite our differences has been our individual world-views. (or so I think.)


This is where things run afoul. Depending on what we each think life is supposed to be about, and what we each think is important or what we want out of this life and just what we are willing to do to accomplish that, and how any particular issue relates to those opinions and what we want. Also just what we decide to do with our knowledge,-- THAT KNOWLEDGE -- and how we choose to react to that knowledge. Phew, man this is some deep thinking there, but NOT impossible to grasp.


Regardless of your own personal religious persuasions, we know that the whole world, (with few major exceptions) accepts this "fall of man" and "biting from the apple" that is taught from Judea-Christian believers to Muslims and just about every other flavor that mankind religion has developed in between those two representative ends of my spectrum.


The articles and arguments presented here might challenge you in ways you have never considered before. Of course, you may also read and learn that you agree entirely with the values we're presenting to you. From here, of course I can't say!  Who could?  Either way, it is my hope that common sense with distinct-but-obvious instruction lies within the phrases and statements that you are about to encounter.


What we believe about the following items is paramount to effecting changes. Changes both, that I may effect in you, and, changes that, you may effect in others. I believe that It's here, in the following values that I've laid out under each heading below, that the lines of differences our populace is generally split over are drawn!  And I also believe that it is here that we can also find unity.  This is where we can jump in!  This is where my labor starts.


Either by encountering some new and powerful insights that I hope possess paradigm-changing revelations that you may discover, new ideas, that I sincerely hope you find palatable.  I am NOT looking for a debate, I'm only sharing my values with the intent that you might discover new and better ways to go about living-out or operating in the values and concepts that I believe are chiefly held by most or should be held by all reasonable and peaceable folks world-over.


Either way, if you can make it through these items and find truth here you can accept, when you learn to share what you also believe for the sole purpose of caring and building people who maybe don't know WHAT to believe, or who go along with others who have bullied them or lied to them are on the verge of very positive change.



Here are the topics OFPC is currently tackling:

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  • Christianity & Religions


  • Social Reform


  • Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice /
    Anti-Abortion vs. The
    Decision to Legally
    End A Life
  • To Be PC or UN-PC, That
    Is The Question / A
    Politically Correct Generation
  • Politics | The Storm Rages Between The Right & The Left


  • LGBTQ+?Diverse | Whaaat??  Genders and Confusion


  • Education


  • Immigration


  • Simple Things in Life

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